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Started By: Art O

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Last Post: Jan 23, 2014 by Andy Hinson


No New Posts   Roof Stain Removal Grand Rapids, MI

January 18, 2014

Roof Stain Removal Grand Rapids, MI


January 18th 2014

Roof Stain Removal in Grand Rapids, MI

Roof stains or as they are commonly referred to, black streaks, have been slowly making roofs in the greater Grand Rapids area look like they are in need of replacement, and there have been hundreds of roofs that have been prematurely replaced because the homeowner was misinformed by a roofing contractor that either did not know better or worse yet, knew better but did not inform the homeowner that a roof cleaning would remove the black streaks safely and quickly.

Now that Roof Cleaner is providing a roof stain removal service in the Grand Rapids and surrounding areas, homeowners can once again enjoy a roof that not only looks good but also performs better, all without the high cost of roof replacement.

We here at Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids use ARMA recommended cleaning techniques, that along with our commitment to continuous education and years of roof cleaning experience, allow us to offer a safe and eco-friendly roof cleaning service to not only homeowners, but to every person that has to deal with a roof. No matter if it is a shingle, metal, tile, slate or cedar roof, Roof Cleaner of Grand Rapids is the company that knows how to take care of the black streaks, moss, mold and lichen that has infested your roof.

Additional exterior cleaning services we offer:

·        Non Pressure Roof Cleaning

·        Soft Wash House Washing

·        Pressure Washing / Power Washing

·        Gutter Cleaning

·        Rust Stain Removal

Call us to discuss your roof cleaning or other exterior cleaning needs and receive your free estimate. (616)240-3465



No New Posts   Soft Wash Roof Cleaning in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland

December 30, 2013


Do you have ugly, stained, moss or algae infested asphalt shingles on your roof?

Roof Cleaning by A&E  offers a solution for your dirty roof  problem in Central PA and Northern MD. By using the most up to date equipment and cleaning techniques, we will safely and effectively return your home's roof to it's original color and beauty .  Utilizing a  non pressure, soft wash roof cleaning  method, we can remove the years of black stains, algae, lichen and moss from your home's asphalt shingled roof, instantly improving your home's curb appeal.  This cleaning method is not only guaranteed to be safe, effective but,  is the also only recommended cleaning technique by the shingle manufacturers (ARMA).

Having your roof cleaned by a professional will not only add years to your roof's life but, will also add instant curb appeal at a fraction of the cost of replacing your roof.

Additional exterior cleaning  services we offer:


  • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning
  • Soft Wash House Washing
  • Pressure Washing / Power Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Rust Stain Removal
  • Exterior Window Cleaning


Call us to discuss your roof cleaning  or other exterior cleaning needs and receive your free estimate.  (717) 324-4208


No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Service Staten Island NY | Exterior Soft-Washing

January 15, 2014

Thompson Roof Cleaning and Power Washing LLC

Staten Island Roof Washing

(877) 420-WASH


Professional Roof Cleaning Service For Staten Island NY

We do no use pressure washers when cleaning a roof.  We use a proprietary detergent that sterilizes the organic growth that is staining the shingle.  In the past decade roofs have become more and more stained which is caused by the increase in limestone that was added to the shingle by the shingle manufacturer.

What's In The Soap?

Major roof shingle manufacturers, like GAF (the maker of the popular Timberline shingle) suggest using bleach as the compatible cleaning product.  Bleach is derived from salt.  When bleach breaks down (which happens quickly) it returns back to salt.  The technical name for bleach is sodium hypochlorite.  The technical name for table salt is sodium chloride. This concoction provides a powerful disinfectant to kill roof moss and algae from a roof shingle.  There is not even a remote chance that bleach can damage a roof shingle.  Each full roof cleaning comes with our 5 Year Spot-Free Warranty.

Staten Island Soft Washing Service

All exterior services can be cleaned using a low pressure soft wash method.  Most of the stains surrounding a property are organic in nature.  Mold and algae dissolve in our detergent.  It is then soft washed away with a high volume low pressure rinse.  The process is safe for all surfaces such as vinyl, stucco, dryvit, cedar, slate roofs, and even painted surfaces.

Check out soft washing in progress in our video:

Thank you for reading our post.  Get more Staten Island Roof Cleaning info by visiting our website HERE.  Visit our sister site HERE. We service all of  Staten Island New York including the following zip codes 10301, 10302, 10303, 10304, 10305, 10306, 10307, 10308, 10309, 10310, 10311, 10312, 10314

No New Posts   Roof Cleaning Millington NJ | Long Hill Moss Removal | Free Estimate

December 23, 2013

Thompson Roof Cleaning LLC

Millington NJ  Long Hill NJ

Professional Roof Cleaning Services

(877) 420-WASH


Get a Free Roof Cleaning Estimate in Millington or Long Hill NJ.  We offer safe roof washing services as well as soft washing for sidings.   Visit our web page HERE.  Serving all of Morris County New Jersey for cedar roof cleaning, slate roof cleaning, and asphalt roof shingle cleaning.  We provide professional moss removal and offer a 5 Year Spot-Free Warranty.

My name is Ed Thompson, owner.  I have been in the exterior cleaning trade for more than 20 years.  Feel confident that our cleaning procedures are safe and time proven.  These are not the old days of "high pressure washing" where every stain and every surface was blasted with pressure to achieve cleaning results.

Our soft-wash process is safe for every surface including vinyl siding, stucco, cedar, and even painted surfaces.  We are located in Edison NJ near Raritan Center.

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No New Posts   Slate Roof Cleaning in Reading, PA 19601

December 2, 2013

Roof Cleaning by A&E cleaned this home's slate roof today in Reading, PA 17601, using our non pressure roof cleaning  method.  The homeowner's had previously hired a local pressure washing  company to clean it but, after he saw their techniques and results, or lack their of, he requested they stop their cleaning process.  A slate roof should never be pressure washed due to the potential of slate breakage.

After the slate roof cleaning, the homeowner was ecstatic with the results we were able to achieve with our soft wash roof cleaning method.

If you have a dirty roof in PA,  give us a call. Roof Cleaning by A&E (717) 324-4208



No New Posts   Power Washing Services For Union County NJ | Free Estimates (877) 420-WASH

December 5, 2013

Thompson Roof Cleaning and Power Washing LLC 

3125 Woodbridge Ave Edison NJ



Safe Effective Exterior Cleaning for Union County NJ

Power Washing has evolved this past decade.  No longer does your home have to endure the aggressive "high pressure" cleaning of the past.  With the latest technology of simple detergents any home can be "Soft-washed" with better results.  Most stains on a home are "organic" such as mold, mildew, moss, and algae.  These stains are very sensitive to certain sterilizing compounds and can be removed safely and affordably.  These simple compounds are the same ones used by local municipalities to sterilize our drinking water.  It is also the same that is used to keep swimming pools free of algae and viruses.

Get a free quote for services such as Non-pressure roof cleaning, soft wash vinyl siding cleaning, soft wash for other sidings such as aluminum, cedar, wood, painted wood, stucco, dryvit, vinyl and wood fences, sidewalks, windows, gutters and more.  Our process creates a fully sterilized surface that will stay clean 4-6 times longer than traditional "high-pressure" washing.

Learn more about soft wash roof cleaning and power washing:

We are a good standing member of the National Soft Wash Alliance

Get more info on our websites:

Woodbridge NJ Roof Cleaning and Power Washing

Middlesex NJ Roof Cleaning and Power Washing


Service Area For Union County New Jersey:

Rahway, Clark, Scotch Plains, Berkeley Heights, Westfield, Cranford, Summit, Plainfield, Fanwood, Garwood, New Providence, Linden, Roselle Park, Roselle, Kenilworth, Hillside, Springfield, Mountainside, Winfield

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No New Posts   New Jersey Roof Cleaning and Moss Removal Service

December 3, 2013

Get a FREE Estimate Today!

Professional Roof Cleaning For New Jersey

Manufacturer Approved Process

No Power Washing!!!   No High Pressure!!!



Got Ugly Roof Stains!

Our non-pressure system has been tested and proven to safely clean moss from roofs without using a pressure washer.  Black stains, moss, lichens and algae are literally eating the roof.  Much of these growths develop root systems into the shingle.  Moss will inevitably destroy a roofing shingle.  

Soft Washing has replaced the aggressive high pressure washing.  Soft washing is more thorough and creates a clean that lasts 4-6 times longer than traditional methods.

 Learn more about roof cleaning by visiting our Reviews page HERE.  Learn more about roof cleaning by watching our video:

Get a free quote in Ocean County, Monmouth County, Middlesex County, Somerset County, Hunterdon County, Mercer County, Union County, Essex County, Morris County, Bergen County and Passaic County in New Jersey.

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No New Posts   Soft Wash Roof Cleaning in Pennsylvania and Maryland

November 29, 2013

Roof Cleaning by A&E cleaned the roof of this condominium community earlier this year.  The residents were unhappy with the ugly shingles that were on their roofs.

By using a low pressure, soft wash roof cleaning method, were were able to turn these ugly shingles back to their original beauty.  The roof cleaning not only returned this roof to a like new condition but also, added instant curb appeal to this property.

If you have ugly shingles in PA or MD  give the professionals at Roof Cleaning by A&E a call for your free estimate.


Call Today! (717) 324-4208




No New Posts   Soft Washing Dryvit in Lancaster, PA 17601

November 16, 2013

Roof Cleaning by A&E offers more than just non pressure roof cleaning.  We are complete exterior cleaning specialist servicing Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland and can clean any surface on the exterior of your home

Using a soft wash house washing method, we were able to safely clean the dryvit exterior of this home.  Our low pressure cleaning technique is safe for all types of exterior surfaces including dryvit, stucco, vinyl siding, brick and more.  Soft washing produces amazing results without the use of high pressure.

Don't risk having your home's exterior damaged by improper cleaning techniques.  Call Roof Cleaning by A&E for a soft wash house washing.  (717) 324-4208

Services we offer:

  • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning
  • Soft Wash House Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Rust Stain Removal
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Exterior Window Cleaning



No New Posts   Gutter Cleaning Mechanicsburg PA 17050 17055

November 8, 2013

The fall can be so beautiful with falling leaves and cold clear weather. A sign that winter is coming and fun times with family and friends. But if your Mechanicsburg PA home is near the woods, there can be a downside to fall. Leaves fall into hard to reach places.
Causing draining blockage, water backup and damage to your beautiful Mechanicsburg home.

But that can all change with one phone call, that will give you the peace of mind knowing your Mechanicsburg home is protected.

 Call FullBlast and speak with a live person to get a free estimate for gutter cleanout.

We will clean out your gutters and you can spend more time with your friends and family or not miss work.

It is totally your choice. You can take off work or miss fun times. Dig out a ladder and dig around at your gutters hopefully clean them out or you can call some one who is licensed, insured and has the equipment to properly cleanout your gutters.


We make it our job to make sure the customer is satisfied with our work.

Call today!

FullBlast Pressure Washing


or online at FullBlastPressureWashing.com

FullBlast Pressure Washing

Gutter cleaning Mechanicsburg PA, roof cleaning PA, House washing 17050, spouting cleaners 17055, Gutter cleanout Dillsburg PA

Started By: FullBlast

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No New Posts   Slate Roof Cleaning Wyomissing, PA 19610

November 7, 2013


Roof Cleaning by A&E completed this slate roof cleaning recently in Wyomissing, PA 19609.  The homeowner recently purchased this home and was unhappy with the appearance of their 70 year old slate roof.  The cost of replacement was way over their budget so,  that was not an option.  Instead, they decided to have us clean using a non pressure, soft wash method, after they saw a neighbor's home we recently cleaned.  After the cleaning, the years of algae growth, lichen and moss was removed revealing the beautiful multi colored state that was underneath.  

Call us today at (717) 324-4208 for all your exterior cleaning needs including:

  • Non Pressure Roof Cleaning For All Types of Roofing Materials
  • Soft Wash House Washing
  • Pressure Washing
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Rust Stain and Graffiti Removal




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No New Posts   Non Pressure Roof Cleaning, Soft Washing and Pressure Washing in Central PA and Northern MD

November 5, 2013

Roof Cleaning by A&E is an exterior cleaning specialist serving Central PA and Northern MD.

Our non pressure roof cleaning will remove the black streaks, lichen and moss from your asphalt shingled roof, slate roof, tile roof or cedar shake roof.  Using a safe and effective non pressure cleaning method, we are able to restore roofs, making them look like new again.

We can clean your home's vinyl siding, dryvit and stucco using our soft wash cleaning method.  This cleaning method is done at a low pressure that remove the dirt and algae from you home without using high pressure.

Additionally, Roof Cleaning by A&E offers pressure washing for your concrete, brick or asphalt.  We service both residential properties and commercial properties with weekly, monthly or quarterly service to keep even the busiest, high traffic areas clean.

Give us a call at (717) 324-4208 to discuss all your exterior cleaning needs.


No New Posts   Power Washing and Soft Wash Roof Cleaning Suffolk County N.Y.

October 31, 2013


If you need Power Washing or Roof Cleaning in Suffolk County N.Y. Call Art at Clean Rite Power Washing and Roof Cleaning . We Clean Siding, Soft Wash Roof Cleaning, Pavers and More!


  House LI website.jpg


Lake Ronkonkoma 11779  Saint James 11780 Smithtown 11787 Stony Brook 11790 Nesconset 11767 Islandia 11749 Sayville 11782 Coram 11727 Selden 11784 Islip 11751 Bayport 11705 Hauppauge 11788 Islip Terrace 11752 Kings Park 11754 Lake Grove 11755 Patchogue 11772 Lindenhurst 11757 Centereach 11720 Commack 11725 Mastic 11950 Mastic Beach 11951 Medford 11763 Middle Island 11953 Miller Place 11764 Moriches 11955 Mount Sinai 11766 Northport 11768 Oakdale 11769 Port Jeff Sta 11777 Prt Jefferson 11777 Ridge 11961 S Setauket 11720 Setauket 11733 Shirley 11967 Smith Point 11967 Sound Beach 11789 W Brentwood 11717 Wading River 11792 West Sayville 11796 Yaphank 11980 Amityville 11701 Babylon 11702  Babylon 11707 Bay Shore 11706 Bellport 11713



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No New Posts   Power Washing Prices For Edison NJ (877) 420-WASH

October 21, 2013

Power Washing Edison NJ  Roof Cleaning Edison NJ

Just a few more steps to a free quote.  Call us now locally @ (732) 726-9261 and get a free power washing or roof cleaning quote.

Thompson Roof Cleaning and Power Washing services all of Middlesex County for Soft Wash Roof Cleaning, soft power washing for vinyl siding, stucco, Dryvit, aluminum, painted surface, cement, vinyl fences, gutters, windows and more.

Get relief from mold and mildew.  Washing doesn't have to be aggressive.  All mold, mildew, moss, and algae can be remedied using a low pressure soft wash.  Soft washing used proper detergents to completely clean and sterilize all surfaces.

No New Posts   NJ Roof Cleaning Prices | Power Washing (877) 420-WASH

October 20, 2013

Get a Free Roof Cleaning Quote in NJ

Any roof can be cleaned from mold, moss, an algae without using any type of aggressive scrubbing or power washing.  Call today for a free quote or learn about "What's Eating Your Roof!".

Get a jump on saving your roof.  It will prolong the life of your roof and increase the value of your home's curb appeal.  Roof cleaning costs roughly 10% of the cost of a new roof.  Moss and lichen develop root systems into the shingle and literally break the shingle apart.

(877) 420 WASH 


Get a Soft-Power Washing Quote in New Jersey

Soft washing has replaced the traditional "high-pressure" wash for homes and buildings.  Most of what stains your siding is organic matter like mold or mildew.  These organisms are "pests" and will continue to fester if left untreated.  Our special blend detergents achieve 100% kill ratio to all mold and mildew and your siding will stay clean 4-6 times longer than traditional high pressure wash.  This process is safe for all surfaces including vinyl, stucco, dryvit, aluminum, and even painted surfaces.


Learn more about roof cleaning in this video


Serving central and northern New Jersey including Ocean, Monmouth, Middlesex, Somerset, Hunterdon, Union, Essex, Morris, Bergen and Passaic Counties.

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No New Posts   Soft Wash Roof Cleaning in York, PA 17402

October 17, 2013

This home's asphalt shingled roof was recently restored by Roof Cleaning by A&E in York, PA 17402.  The homeowner was unhappy with the unsightly stains that were growing on the roof and was considering roof replacement.  After seeing a recently completed non pressure roof cleaning job we completed in her neighborhood, she contracted us to clean her roof and was extremely happy she did!  At a fraction of the cost of roof replacement, we were able to restore her roof's original beauty, making it look like new again.

Don't replace your ugly shingles, call Roof Cleaning by A&E and schedule your non pressure roof cleaning today! (717) 324-4208

"We offer instant results at affordable costs."




No New Posts   Roof Cleaning(Non-Pressure/Soft Washing) in Monroe County, PA

October 11, 2013


Pocono Non-Pressure Roof & Exterior Cleaning, a trusted name in the roof cleaning industry and the Pocono region, has serviced Monroe County, PA faithfully since 2007.  Although our primary focus was non-pressure/soft washing of roofs we have expanded to meet the overwhelming needs of our customers. 


Whether it is residential or commercial we provide non-pressure/soft wash cleaning of roofs, buildings, home exteriors, concrete flatwork (sidewalks and driveways), big top tents, tennis courts, basketball courts and pool decks throughout the Monroe County, PA area. In addition, we provide services to Northampton, Pike, Wayne, and Carbon County, PA and Sussex and Warren County, NJ.


As the photos below clearly demonstrate, we can handle any challenge thrown our way. Our trained, insured and professional staff can and will assist you with any questions you might have.


Our service areas include but are not limited to: PennsylvaniaAckermanville, PA/ Albrightsville, PA/ Analomink, PA/ Bangor, PA/ Bartonsville, PA/ Bath, PA/ Belfast, PA/ Bethlehem, PA/ Blakeslee, PA/ Blooming Grove, PA/ Broadheadsville, PA/ Buck Hill Falls, PA/ Bushkill, PA/ Canadensis, PA/ Carbondale, PA/ Carbon County, PA/ Champman, PA/ Cresco, PA/ Delaware Water Gap, PA/ Dingmans Ferry, PA/ Easton, PA/ East Stroudsburg, PA/ Effort, PA/ Emmaus, PA/ Freemansburg, PA/ Gilbert, PA/ Gouldsboro, PA/ Greeley, PA/ Greentown, PA/ Hamlin, PA/ Hawley, PA/ Hellertown, PA/ Henryville, PA/ Honesdale, PA/ Jim Thorpe, PA/ Jonas, PA/ | Kresgeville, PA/ Kunkletown, PA/ Lackawaxen, PA/ Lake Ariel, PA/ Lakeville, PA/ Lehigh Valley, PA/ Long Pond, PA/ Lords Valley, PA/ Marshalls Creek, PA/ Matamoras, PA/ Merwinsburg, PA/ Milford, PA/ Monroe County, PA/ Moscow, PA/ Mount Bethel, PA/ Mount Pocono, PA/ Mountainhome, PA/ Newfoundland, PA/ Northampton, PA/ Palmerton, PA/ Paupack, PA/ Pen Argyl, PA/ Pike County, PA/ Pocono, PA/ Pocono Pines, PA/ Pocono Summit, PA/ Pond Eddy, PA / Reeders, PA/ Roseto, PA/ Saylorsburg, PA/ Sciota, PA/ Scotrun, PA/ Shohola, PA/ Slatington, PA/ Snydersville, PA/ Stockertown, PA/ Stroudsburg, PA/ Swif****er, PA/ Tafton, PA/ Tannersville, PA/ Tobyhanna, PA/ Walnutport, PA/ Wayne County, PA/ Whitehall, PA/ Wilson, PA/ Wind Gap, PA


New Jersey – Allamuchy, NJ/ Andover, NJ/ Augusta, NJ/ Belvidere, NJ/ Blairstown, NJ/ Branchville, NJ/ Budd Lake, NJ/ Columbia, NJ/ Fredon, NJ/ Frelinghuysen, NJ/ Great Meadows, NJ/ Hackettstown, NJ/ Harmony, NJ/ Hopatcong, NJ/ Hope, NJ/ Independence, NJ/ Knowltown, NJ/ Lafayette, NJ/ Liberty, NJ/ Lopatcong, NJ/ Montaque, NJ/ Mount Olive, NJ/ Newton, NJ/ Oxford, NJ/ Panther Valley, NJ/ Port Murray, NJ/ Sandyston, NJ/ Sparta, NJ/ Stanhope, NJ/ Sussex, NJ/ Sussex County, NJ/ Tranquility, NJ/ Warren County, NJ/ Washington, NJ







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No New Posts   Web Site Links

September 28, 2013

Guys Post your Web Site links here and Who built it for you. Some of us need new site's and winter is a good time to do it. Plus lets see if this Blog Baker works.

Started By: Art O

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Last Post: Oct 1, 2013 by Eric Schnaible

No New Posts   Soft Wash Roof Cleaning in Pennsylvania and Maryland

September 29, 2013

Does your roof have ugly stains?

Roof Cleaning by A&E provides a safe and effective Soft Wash Roof Cleaning service in Central Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland.  Using this non pressure roof cleaning method, we are able to remove the stains from your roof and return your ugly shingles to a like new appearance.  

This cleaning method is effective for roof stains caused by algae growth and also moss or lichen growth.  Our cleaning process produces instant results, and will instantly improve your home's curb appeal.

Don't let your ugly shingles take away from your home's beauty.  Call Roof Cleaning by A&E today for your free estimate.

(717) 324-4208


No New Posts   Testing Blog

September 23, 2013


First Blog Test

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