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TOPIC: Southern Maryland Roof Cleaning| Soft Washing

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Southern Maryland Roof Cleaning| Soft Washing

Do you live in Southern Maryland? Do you have those ugly black stains  on your roof? Are you wondering if a roof cleaning is an option to replacing it? 

A new roof is a lot of money. Our non pressure roof cleaning method is priced at around 10% of replacing it.

The results are immediate! I'll put a before and after pic at the bottom.

Why a non pressure method, to clean the roof, compared to a low pressure method?

The Asphalt Roof Manufacturers Association , and Owens Corning (a shingle manufacturer) says there is only ONE way to clean roofing shingles. No pressure AT ALL. That is the method we use.

We have been cleaning roofs in Southern Maryland now, for well over 5 years.

We offer a 5 year no stain guarantee on complete roof cleanings. We are that confident of our service.

The method that we clean your roof, is also called Soft Washing.


Give us a call 240-355-1110, ask for Mike, and I would be glad to answer and questions you have in regards to maintaining your roof.

Maintaining my roof? What is he talking about?


OK, here it is.... (If you already know what that "stuff" is on your roof. What to expect? Scroll down to the next paragraph). Here we go... All of those black stains on the roof? Well, that is a bacteria. Goleo Capsa Magma. Yea, that is what the scientists call it. It is "mother nature" eating your roof, basically. What we have seen over the years is that after the black stain gets a good hold, not always, most times for sure, is that other organisms notice the good home the bacteria has made, for themselves. They want to hang out too!... On your roof!!! What am I talking about? Moss and lichens. These, we cant get rid of same day. They turn white, become brittle and flake off over time, Months maybe?

I got off topic a little bit. Maintaining your roof, and Roof Cleaning? What do they have in common? (read the paragraph above). Well, ...clean roofs last longer.


I hope you enjoyed my writing skills. Trying to make this an interesting read about Cleaning roofs in Southern Maryland.

Lets do some contact info, ... then some pics!

Phone     240-355-1110

Main Website       http://www.GutterDogs.com

Facebook junkie, like me      https://www.facebook.com/marylandroofcleaning/


Here is a before pic of a roof cleaning in Lusby Md.

roof cleaning lusby md before.jpg


This roof was caught well before the moss and lichens. Most roof cleaning jobs are like this.


Get it before it gets really bad. Your roof.


 The after pic. ... Give me some love here! I spent about 4 hours writing this, lol! The good ones take that long. I think it's a good one, to get on the first page of Southern Maryland Roof Cleaning search?

   Love, I mean shares likes comments.


After pic, roof cleaning in Lusby.

roof cleaning lusby md after.jpg











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Affordable and Safe Soft Washing,

Roof Cleaning Service in Maryland,

PG county Maryland | Southern Maryland


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