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Soft washing a roof

Soft washing is a cleaning method that involves using a low-pressure water spray and a specialized cleaning solution to safely and effectively clean surfaces such as roofs, without causing any damage. Here are the steps to soft wash a roof:

  1. Prepare the area: Before starting the cleaning process, ensure that the area around the roof is protected from the cleaning solution. Cover any plants or bushes with plastic sheeting or wet them down to prevent damage.

  2. Inspect the roof: Inspect the roof for any damage or weak spots. Avoid spraying directly on these areas as it can cause further damage.

  3. Mix the cleaning solution: Mix the cleaning solution according to the manufacturer's instructions. The solution should be strong enough to remove dirt and debris but not too strong that it damages the roof.

  4. Apply the cleaning solution: Use a low-pressure sprayer to apply the cleaning solution to the roof. Start from the bottom and work your way up. Allow the solution to sit for 10-15 minutes.

  5. Skip this step,Rinse the roof: Rinse the roof thoroughly with a low-pressure water spray. Be careful not to spray too close to the roof's surface as it can damage the shingles.

  6. Clean gutters and downspouts: After cleaning the roof, clean the gutters and downspouts to remove any debris or dirt that may have accumulated.

  7. Clean up: Once you've finished cleaning, remove any plastic sheeting or protective coverings from the area around the roof. Dispose of any waste material properly.

It's important to note that soft washing a roof can be dangerous, and it's best to hire a professional if you're not comfortable with the process.


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